What I Review

Our focus is on educational books (exciting… not boring). I review traditionally published non-fiction books for children of all ages and select picture books with strong messages that teach or are extremely creative and unique. We also welcome science kits and will consider other learning products. At this time, I am not reviewing text books and rarely review fiction chapter books or YA novels.

  • The book/product must have been published within the last twelve months or will be published within 90 days.
  • In addition to printed books, I review bound or unbound galleys, PDFs and e-reader books loadable on Kindle. My post of your book will mention the format I’ve reviewed, and I do comment on the quality of the printing and binding. So it may be beneficial to you to send me a physical book.
  • I ask that you email me a photo of the book cover, one or two inside pages if you have them and photos of the author and illustrator or photographer whenever possible.

Note to Self Publishers: I do not review self published books, but I know how much of your heart goes into writing or illustrating your work. You can succeed selling self-published books, but only if they are of the highest quality in content, writing, grammar, artwork, printing and binding. In my experience, these are unfortunately rare. There are many websites that do review self-published books; just search for these online. I also recommend you enter your book for some of the many awards that are given out each year for Indie Books. I wish you the best of luck.

Review Policies

  • Only Positive Reviews – If there is something about the book/product I believe could be improved, I will mention that in the review, however I only post reviews of books/products I would purchase for my own daughter when she was a child or joyfully give as a gift.
  • The Process – Please send me an email if you’d like me to review a book or science kit. If the book is a good fit for this site, I will forward you my mailing address in a private email.
  • Limitations – I receive so many books in the mail, I cannot possibly review every single one. Occasionally I agree to have a book mailed to me but do not review it because I cannot wholeheartedly recommend it. Feel free to send me an email reminder if you sent me a book and have not heard back from me within three weeks.
  • All Reviews Are My Unbiased Opinions – I do not accept payments or any other type of compensation for any reviews I write. Nor do I sell or otherwise make money on the copies of the books I review.

The Joy of Reading Through Book Donations

I appreciate the work that goes into creating a book and handle them with great care. But you may wonder what I do with all of those books I review every year. . .

Some books are given away to readers, though most are donated.

As a children’s book author, I have visited many local schools, libraries, camps and after care programs in South Florida with underprivileged children. Their families’ incomes are well below the poverty line and many have extremely low reading levels. These are the children who most benefit from receiving beautiful new books. So once every two months, I send out boxes of books I’ve reviewed to these local programs. For these kids, receiving free books is an especially exciting event, and I am thrilled for authors and publishers to join me in spreading the joy of reading this way.