Smart Books for Smart Kids: 8 Best Books For Five-Year-Olds

Around age five, kids are just getting into reading. What’s a good book you’d recommend for a five-year-old?

To help parents of 5-year olds with finding great books for their kids, we asked parents and business leaders this question for their best book recommendations. From The Boy with Big, Big Feelings to Doraemon, there are several great book recommendations that you may find are perfect for your five-year-old.

Here are eight great book recommendations for five-year-olds:

  • The Boy with Big, Big Feelings
  • The Tooth Book
  • Put Me In The Story
  • The ABC’s of Conscious Capitalism for KIDS
  • Choose it Based on Your Child’s Interest and Needs
  • The Monster at the End of This Book
  • Doraemon
  • If I Built a House

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

At five-years-old, children are like sponges! They soak up every ounce of knowledge they are offered, and it is because of this that we should provide them with books that will enrich their lives for years to come. The Boy with Big, Big Feelings is one of those books. This book tells the story of a child who is experiencing anxiety and extreme emotions but in a way that is relatable for any child. It is also a treasure to children who may be diagnosed with autism, as it shows them a character who celebrates their feelings as opposed to burying them. I would recommend it to any parent!

Eric Blumenthal, The Print Authority

The Tooth Book

Dr. Seuss is a beloved children’s author, with playful storylines and colorful illustrations, his books are perfect for children just learning to read. The Tooth Book by Dr. Suess explores one of the most important parts of our body, our teeth! Our teeth let us talk and eat and smile at friends. The book’s rhymes will engage and delight any young reader.

Henry Babichenko, DD, Stomadent Dental Lab

Put Me In The Story

Any type of “Put Me In The Story” book, where a five-year-old has their face appear on each page of the book, seems to open up the imagination of what’s possible for a young child. At age five, life aspirations fluctuate so quickly. One day a five-year-old wants to be a veterinarian, and the next they want to be a builder. Reading stories that introduce new possibilities can feed the imagination of a five-year-old – especially if their face is in the story. It helps them better imagine what’s possible.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

The ABC’s of Conscious Capitalism for KIDS

The ABC’s of Conscious Capitalism for KIDS by Laura Hall is a wonderful book about the power of business. The book is broken up into 26 chapters (one for each letter of the alphabet) and provides a blueprint for how to start a business that means something to you and the world around you! It might be a little too early for a 5-year-old, but might as well start early!

Brian Mohr, anthym

Choose it Based on Your Child’s Interest and Needs

There are just so many great books for five-year-olds. The Little Engine that Could is a great one for children to build self-efficacy. Rainbow Fish is a good one for teaching children about sharing. Pete the Cat series is great for teaching phonics and sight words. However, as a general rule, parents should choose a book based upon the child’s interests and emotional intelligence needs.

Orisha Brown, Good Hope Tutoring Services

The Monster at the End of This Book

A great book for 5-year old’s is The Monster at the End of This Book, by Jon Stone. It is such a fun read and is full of emotion, excitement, and anticipation. Kids who are just starting to read will love Grover’s silly personality, the colorful illustrations, and will be able to read along as they see lots of sight words, which will build their confidence and love of reading.

Niki Ramirez, HR Answers


Comics or manga. My favorite manga at 5 was Doraemon. Kids have short attention spans and reading such types of books, albeit simple, will help them to experience the entire storytelling experience, learn to stay focused, and feel accomplished after finishing each volume.

Hung Nguyen, Smallpdf

If I Built a House

This is the 2nd book in the sequence “If I Built” by Chris Van Dusen. The book sparks creativity, with colorful illustrations, detailing the journey of a young boy in building his dream home. My kid really loves the drawings, and therefore I highly recommend this book for any five year old kids.

Jill Sandy, Constant Delights