Enhancing Vocabulary Through Reading

Enhancing Vocabulary Through Reading

Enhancing Vocabulary Through Reading

Delving into the power of reading to expand a child’s vocabulary, we’ve gathered insights from CEOs and creative directors alike. From conducting word exploration sessions to introducing a diverse range of books, discover the top four strategies they recommend for enriching your child’s linguistic journey.

  • Conduct Word Exploration Sessions
  • Interactive Reading and Definition Sharing
  • Implement a Word Journal Strategy
  • Introduce a Range of Books

Conduct Word Exploration Sessions

During these sessions, select a book that’s slightly above your child’s current reading level and identify a few challenging words together. Encourage your child to guess the meanings based on context clues, discuss their interpretations, and then look up the definitions together. This interactive process fosters curiosity and helps solidify new vocabulary in their minds.

For example, while reading a story, if your child encounters the word “perplexed,” you can pause and ask, “What do you think ‘perplexed’ means in this sentence?” After discussing their ideas, you can look up the word together and discuss its definition and usage in different contexts.

Marissa SabrinaMarissa Sabrina
Creative Director, LeadLearnLeap

Interactive Reading and Definition Sharing

Studies have long shown that reading to your child helps them with their reading skills, and that includes improving their vocabulary. What I do is take my time with a book and show them each page, using my finger to read along with the words. When I get to a longer word they may not know, I have them sound it out with me and ask them if they know what it means. I give them the definition before moving on.

Steve MascarinSteve Mascarin
CEO, Taunton Village Dental

Implement a Word Journal Strategy

To enhance my child’s vocabulary, I implemented a Word Journal strategy. After each reading session, we pick a new word from the book that is unfamiliar. We then discuss its meaning and use it in sentences. The chosen words are recorded in a colorful journal with illustrations. This not only makes learning engaging but also reinforces the words visually.

Over time, my child started incorporating these words into everyday conversations and school assignments. The strategy not only expanded their vocabulary but also instilled a love for discovering new words through reading. It’s a simple yet effective method that transforms reading sessions into lively vocabulary-building adventures.

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO & Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Introduce a Range of Books

As a father of three young children, we incorporate a variety of books to enhance our children’s vocabulary. By choosing books from different genres and levels of difficulty, we have successfully introduced a broad range of vocabulary to all three of our children.

Dr Mark Farrell (Fia)Dr Mark Farrell (Fia)
CEO, Associate Professor & Actuary, ProActuary Jobs

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