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Books About Puberty for kids

What are the best puberty books for kids?

6 Books About Puberty What’s one kid-friendly book about puberty that covers everything from facts to feelings?To help you identify kid-friendly books that cover everything on puberty, we asked avid readers and mature parents this question for their best recommendations. From The Care and Keeping of You Volume 2 by Cara Natterson to Hair in …

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Vegetables in Underwear        Targeted Audience: PreSchool, Lower Elementary (Ages 2-5) •        Genre: Fiction Picture Book •        Author/Illustrator: Jared Chapman •        Publisher: Abrams/Appleseed •        Publication Date: April 7, 2015 •        Binding: Hard Cover •        Dimensions: 8″ X 8″ •        Printing: Full Color •        Length: 40 Pages •        Retail: $14.95 •        ISBN: 978-1419714641 Irresistible Humor for PreSchoolers …

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