How can you help young kids be more social?

What are some tips to help kids be more social?

From exposing them to different cultures and leading by example, here are six answers to the question, “What’s one tip to help young kids be more social?”

  • Expose Them to Different Cultures
  • Proactively Introduce Them to Other Kids
  • Lead by Example
  • Adult Conversations
  • Seek Out Structured Environments With Other Kids
  • Let Them Know that They Are Loved and Appreciated

help kids be more social

Expose Them to Different Cultures

When you’re young, you’re naturally curious and want to learn more about the world. One tip to help young kids be more social is to expose them to different people and cultures. By doing so, they’ll be more open to talking to others and making new friends. By being more social, you’ll learn more about other people and cultures and make more friends along the way. For example, if you’re traveling to a new country, take your young kids with you. They’ll experience a whole new world and be more open to making new friends. Or if you’re living in a multicultural area, try to enroll your kids in a multicultural school to learn about different cultures. This will help them be more social and make friends with people from different cultures.

Matthew Ramirez , CEO, Rephrasely

Proactively Introduce Them to Other Kids

As a kid, I struggled to make new friends because I was shy. My parents didn’t offer much help; they expected me to figure it out on my own. Now that I’m a parent, I’ve made it a priority to help my children build friendships. I introduce them to new friends, help them remember names, find something they have in common, suggest ideas for play, etc. After meeting a new friend, we talk about the things they did together as a way to break it down and help them remember the experience.If it’s been a while since seeing a certain friend, I’ll remind my kids about some of the times they’ve played together, the interests they share, and other things to help them feel more connected to that friend. Something has definitely worked — I’ve been doing this since the kids could walk and they have more friends than I can count. And they proactively make friends with new kids at school because they don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Alli Hill , Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

Lead by Example

Kids often take after their parents or the adults they spend much of their time with. Therefore, if you want to help young kids be more social, lead by example. Don’t be afraid to make conversation with others, even if you do not know them too well. Be kind and friendly. Kids are very impressionable, so when they see this behavior, they will feel that it is okay to act this way.

Nancy Eichler , Senior Vice President of Marketing & eCommerce, iwi life

Adult Conversations

Talk to your kids like adults. Rather than talking to them like they’re children, try to have more grown-up conversations with them that gives them exposure to expanded vocabulary and worldly topics (within reason, of course). As they grow up, which they inevitably will, they’ll be more well-rounded and understanding of the world they’re growing up in, and will be more sociable for it.

Nabiha Akhtar , CEO/Founder, Lil Deenies

Seek Out Structured Environments With Other Kids

One tip to help young kids be more social is to encourage them to join activities and clubs that interest them. Joining a club or activity that they are passionate about can help them meet other children who share the same interests, and it will give them an opportunity to practice their social skills in a safe and supportive environment. Additionally, parents can help by providing their children with opportunities to meet other kids, such as arranging playdates or inviting friends over for dinner. Finally, it is important to model good social behavior and provide positive reinforcement when they interact with others in a respectful and kind manner.

Grace He , People and Culture Director,

Let Them Know that They Are Loved and Appreciated

I think the best tip for young kids is to let them know that they are loved and appreciated. It’s so important for children to feel like they are valued by their parents, teachers, and other adults in their lives. When your child knows that you love them for who they are, it is easier for them to open up and communicate with others.It’s also important that you don’t give your child too many rules or expectations. A happy child is a safe one.

Jennie Miller , Co-Founder, MIDSS

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