how do i get my child to read more books

How do I get my child to read more books?

8 Simple Tips To Help Kids Read More Books

What is one tip for getting kids to love reading books? To help you get your kids to read more books, we asked avid readers and mature parents this question for their best tips. From using the Vooks app to engage young readers to reading what your kids are reading there are several tips that you may follow to help your kids like reading books.

Here are eight tips these professionals offered to help kids read more books:

  • Use the Vooks App to Engage Young Readers
  • Set an Example of Reading and Discussing Books With Them
  • Use the D.E.A.R Concept to Instill in Them the Importance and Fun of Reading
  • Let Them Choose What They Want to Read
  • Read to Them at a Young Age
  • Find Ways to Ignite Their Curiosity
  • Fill the Child’s Environment With Books
  • Read What They’re Reading

Use the Vooks App to Engage Young Readers

As a mom and entrepreneur, I often look for ways to make sure I balance screen time effectively with my toddler. Vooks is a digital book and app that brings story books to life. It helps the child by showing them animations from the illustrations and it also highlights each and every word with a narrator. My daughter is always tuned in and learning the correct pronunciation of words while being entertained. So now when we read traditional books she makes animated faces when I say different words. It is a definite win and a positive reinforcement.

Shana Sanders, CEO , Bold Creative Brand

Shana Sanders read more books

Set an Example of Reading and Discussing Books With Them

Imagine the situation when you explain to your kid that reading is great, simultaneously scrolling Instagram for 40 minutes. Don’t you feel a kind of disharmony? Kids are better observers than most adults think. So, my tip is simple: be a role model. Show them that you love reading by setting aside time for it every day, letting them see you reading, and discussing the books you have read with them. This way, they will naturally become interested in reading themselves.

Michal Jonca, Community Manager, Passport Photo Online

Use the D.E.A.R Concept to Instill in Them the Importance and Fun of Reading

Every variation of the “Drop Everything And Read” (D.E.A.R.) concept helps parents and teachers show children how fun it is to pick up a book and read. Whether it is in the middle of a homework session or a visit to the park, encouraging your child to drop whatever they’re doing and pick up a book tells them how spontaneity and adventure are a part of the literary experience. When they see the elders around them participating as wholeheartedly as them, and when they know how a D.E.A.R. session takes precedence above everything else, they will fall in love with their reading time.

Azmaira Maker, Ph.D., Founding Director, Aspiring Families

Let Them Choose What They Want to Read

One tip for getting kids to love reading books is to let them be the ones who choose what they read. When they’re young, they don’t have a lot of options when it comes to books – they can only read what you put in front of them. But once they get older and start reading on their own, you might find that they’ll pick up just about anything that’s lying around. And if you want them to keep reading, that can actually be a problem! If there’s nothing lying around for them to read, then they’re probably not going to pick up any books on their own time. So, make sure you have some good stuff lying around!

If you want your kids to love reading books and keep doing it as adults, give them a lot of opportunities – and don’t worry too much about what kind of book they choose or whether or not it’s on your list of favorites!

Benjamin Basic, Content Writer, Fast Food Menu Prices

Read to Them at a Young Age

The best way to get a child to love reading is to start reading to them at a very young age. The bonding experience will make them very comfortable with the act of reading. They will also become more familiar with words and language faster. In time, both will encourage them to start reading on their own.

Adam Bem, Co-Founder & COO, Victoria VR

Find Ways to Ignite Their Curiosity

It’s hard to resist the temptation of expecting our children to be happy to sit and read from an early age, especially if we’re avid readers ourselves. This is quite a rare occurrence as our little ones are learning about the world around them and exploring the different distractions available (ever sat down and tried to read when you’ve just learnt something new and exciting? Your mind is elsewhere!) but we can lean into this curiosity and energy for the world to lay the right foundations for a future love of reading.

This might be simply letting them handle and ‘play’ with books, so they become part of their day to day play, and showing them how many shapes and sizes they come in. You can also show them how words appear in all sorts of places, like recipes and in shops, so they are familiar with reading on the whole and how words can be represented in different ways.When reading is fun and exciting, kids are much more likely to be tempted to sit and read a full book when ready!

Jessica Higham, Marketing Manager, Onoco

Fill the Child’s Environment With Books

Today, I read or listen to 30-40 books on average every year. It might not be anything extraordinary, however, friends always ask how I find the time. But the credit actually goes to my mom! She is an author but unintentionally helped me cultivate a reading habit. This is how she did it:

– Books were always accessible. Aside from toys, we had bookshelves from floor to ceiling in every room of the house. I was literally raised in a house full of books.- I saw her read, write or talk about books often. Monkey see, monkey do! She also read bedtime stories before I even knew how to read.- Books were left around the house and were accessible at eye level. It was easy to pull an encyclopedia volume out of the lower bookshelves and browse through pages for hours. That was my favorite way to kill time after school. – Book fairs, exhibitions and libraries. She took me with her and let me “play” with books. The colorful images engaged my imagination and the smell of books made them familiar!


Read What Your Kids Are Reading

One great way to get kids interested in reading books is to read what they’re reading. If your child is into chapter books, try reading ahead and discussing the story with them. Or if they’re into comics or graphic novels, take the time to leaf through them and talk about your favorite panels or images. Most importantly, let your child see you reading for pleasure too. A nice stack of books next to your bed or on your coffee table is a visual cue that books are important, valuable, and worth spending time with 😀

Connor Ondriska, Co-founder & CEO, SpanishVIP

Connor Ondriska get kids to read more books

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