How do parents influence a child's reading habits?

How do parents influence a child’s reading habits?

How do parents influence a child’s reading habits?

To provide you with the best advice on influencing your child’s reading habits, we asked eight experts, including a parenting coach and a director, to share their experiences and tips. From modeling reading habits and limiting screen time to designating family reading sessions, discover the strategies these professionals recommend for fostering a love of reading in your child.

  • Model Reading Habits and Limit Screen Time
  • Adopt a Multimedia Approach to Reading
  • Dedicate Daily Shared Reading Time
  • Make Reading Fun and Engaging
  • Demonstrate the Joy of Reading
  • Provide Clean and Wholesome Books
  • Create a Reading-Friendly Environment
  • Designate Family Reading Sessions

Model Reading Habits and Limit Screen Time

During downtime, instead of being on my phone, I read a magazine of interest. Not a book, because I wouldn’t be able to fully pay attention to the book while I’m looking after my child.

Also, I do not provide any screen time to my child. I encourage my child to look at pictures in a book or provide her with a book that plays music. When going to a restaurant, I do not take a tablet. I take books that have fun features to entertain them.

Noa Stisin
Parenting Coach, Rewriting Parenthood

Adopt a Multimedia Approach to Reading

Adopting a multimedia approach has greatly improved our children’s reading habits, especially for younger children. Outside of reading time, we create games based on the premise of their favorite books.

We also buy toys related to the characters in the book, watch films/TV shows based on the book, and encourage creative play using the book as a starting point. This may sound counterintuitive at first, but the objective is to increase your child’s immersion in the story itself, encouraging further engagement with reading.

For example, consider how many people subsequently read Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter after first watching the films, particularly children. Consequently, additional media sources should not be viewed as competitors to reading, but instead recognized as complementary tools to boost your child’s interest overall.

Ben SchwenckeBen Schwencke
Business Psychologist, Test Partnership

Dedicate Daily Shared Reading Time

We actively dedicate time each day to read with our children, which has fostered a special bonding experience while also reinforcing the value of, and our love for, reading.

During this shared time, we prioritize their interests by letting them choose the books they want to read. We ensure that the reading experience is enjoyable and interactive, encouraging discussions on what we read, allowing them to ask lots of questions, and enabling them to express their thoughts and opinions.

We also lead by example and regularly make it a habit to pick up a book (rather than a device) in their presence, allowing them to observe our own personal enjoyment of reading.

Heidi HauverHeidi Hauver
Chief People Officer

Make Reading Fun and Engaging

As a parent, I’ve found that the key to influencing my child’s reading habits is to make it fun and engaging. One trick that has worked wonders for me is to turn reading into a special bonding time. I try to choose books that cater to my child’s interests—whether it’s dinosaurs, superheroes, or outer space.

One specific experience that stands out is when I discovered a series of interactive books about space. My little one has always been fascinated by planets and stars, so I picked up a book that not only had colorful illustrations but also had flaps to lift and textures to touch. Turning reading into an interactive adventure not only captured my child’s attention but also sparked a genuine interest in books about science.

Another tip that I’ve found useful is to lead by example. Kids are like sponges, and they often mirror the behavior they see around them. So, I make a point to carve out some time for my own reading, whether it’s a novel, a magazine, or even an article online.

Samantha OdoSamantha Odo
Real Estate Sales Representative and Montreal Division Manager, Precondo

Demonstrate the Joy of Reading

I influence my child’s reading habits by using the “Show, don’t tell” principle. Parents are a child’s first role model, and when they see me enjoying a book, it piques their interest in reading.

So, I demonstrate the habit by reading during my downtime or turning to a book instead of a gadget for quick breaks. Moreover, I share with them why I enjoy reading—the thrill of learning new things, the calmness it brings, and the way it opens up perspectives. As a result, my child perceives reading not as a chore but as a fun, beneficial habit worth emulating.

Abid SalahiAbid Salahi
Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth

Provide Clean and Wholesome Books

As a parent, it’s possible to influence your child’s reading habits by providing them with clean and wholesome books. Gen Zers are already tired of reading and watching shows that are porn-infested, but no one publicly knows for sure how Generation Alpha feels about such books and shows.

As a parent of a Generation Alpha child, you have the power to cleanse the world’s view by ensuring your child has finished, out of love for the material, at least maybe seven clean and wholesome books or shows. No movies allowed.

Zoe AkinbodunseZoe Akinbodunse
Founder, Polywork

Create a Reading-Friendly Environment

I always bring a book in my bag, so my child sees me reading regularly, and I make sure to set aside dedicated time for reading. This not only sets a good example but also helps create a reading-friendly environment at home. I also engage my child in conversations about the books they’re reading and show genuine interest in their choices.

One specific tip is to take regular trips to the library together. When my child has the opportunity to explore and select books themselves, it empowers them to take ownership of their reading choices. It’s a fun and educational outing that can spark their interest in different genres and topics.

Additionally, I try to find books that align with my child’s interests and age-appropriate reading level. This ensures that reading remains an enjoyable and engaging activity rather than feeling like a chore.

Marissa SabrinaMarissa Sabrina
Creative Director, LeadLearnLeap

Designate Family Reading Sessions

In my experience as a parent, I’ve come to understand the pivotal role of creating a positive and interactive environment in shaping my child’s reading habits. One valuable strategy I often employ is designating specific family reading sessions, where we collectively immerse ourselves in books.

By transforming this into a shared experience, I aim to instill in my child the perception that reading is not just enjoyable, but also a cherished and meaningful activity. Personally, I take the initiative to personalize their reading area with a diverse selection of books tailored to their individual interests, fostering a sense of curiosity unique to them.

During our family meals, I make it a point to engage in conversations about stories and characters, further enhancing the joy of reading in our household. This hands-on approach, based on my expertise as a parent, has significantly contributed to cultivating a genuine love for books in my child’s daily routine.

Etienne MaraisEtienne Marais
Director, Events Hospitality

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