How Do You Use Books as Decorations?

How Do You Use Books as Decorations?

How Do You Use Books as Decorations?

From inspiring a classic atmosphere to stacking books for a unique look, here are five answers to the question, “How do you use books as decorations?”

  • Create Centerpieces
  • Coordinate Book Covers and Home Colors
  • Construct a Book Tree
  • Fashion Them on Your Coffee Table
  • Turn Books Into Wall Art or Even Sculptures

Create Centerpieces

Be it at a wedding or as the focal point of your coffee table, stacks of books can be cozy centerpieces in various settings. The look you’re going for will heavily dictate what books you choose to place as a centerpiece. In fact, the books you choose to display will make a statement all on their own.

If you want to inspire a classic atmosphere, look out for books with deckled edges and plain fabric binding. You can tie a stack together with a ribbon for a refined look. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can pick an intriguing book with a bold cover to stand out on your coffee table.

The book then serves as decoration, a conversation piece, and entertainment for your guests when you need to slip away to the bathroom for a few moments. The best part about this choice when decorating with books is that the book doesn’t lose its function. For the person who hates tearing apart perfectly good books, this is an ideal option.

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Coordinate Book Covers and Home Colors

You can color-coordinate your books, creating groups with the same colored book covers. For example, you would put all the blue books together, all the green books together, etc. People will note this presentation when they see it, and they will find it visually stunning.

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Construct a Book Tree

Books can decorate a room and add a touch of personality. One creative way to do this is by creating a “book tree.” This involves gathering several books and arranging them in the shape of a tree, either on the floor or along some wall space.

You can vary the sizes of the books, layering smaller ones on the bottom and graduating up to larger ones. Take care to balance the books, keeping an even structure throughout.

No matter how you decide to use them, books are an easy way to bring a unique and eye-catching style to any space.

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Fashion Them on Your Coffee Table

Books are a great decoration for coffee tables. They add a level of style to any room. And thanks to their stunning covers, they can add color or art to the room. It’s also a great conversation starter for guests. While it’s a small addition, it serves many purposes and adds a personal touch.

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Turn Books Into Wall Art or Even Sculptures

Books are perfect for so many decorative projects. You can stack books in different ways to create a unique sculpture for a shelf, coffee table, or floor. Add other decorative items such as flowers, figurines, or candles to create a more interesting display.

You can also turn books into wall art by using pages from old books to create a collage on your wall. Simply tear out pages and arrange them in a pattern or shape, then attach them to the wall with adhesive. This can create a vintage or rustic look in your room.

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