what is the moral charlottes web

What is the moral of Charlotte’s Web?

What is the moral of Charlotte’s Web?

To help readers, both young and old, understand the morals of Charlotte’s Web, we asked children’s literature experts and publishing experts this question for their best interpretations and take-aways. From realizing the importance of true friends to serving others, there are several morals that can be extracted from Charlotte’s Web.

Here are 8 morals from Charlotte’s Web:

  • Realizing The Importance Of True Friends
  • Unpredictable Loss
  • Finding Loyalty
  • Death Can Be Beautiful
  • Beauty Is Not Determined by Appearance
  • The Importance of Connection
  • Love of Friendship & Choosing True Friends
  • Serving Others

Realizing The Importance Of True Friends

Friendship is, of course, the foundation of the novel. Finn’s love for Wilbur saves him, and Charlotte teaches Wilbur how to make friends. Charlotte lives with purpose because she saves his life and makes him happy. The meaning and satisfaction of friendship are one of life’s greatest joys.

While everyone has a different appearance, cultural background, and customs, people are similar inside and have the talent to contribute to the larger community.

Holding on to this story as they grow up, always remembering the lessons of friendship, life, and loss, will help them get through life and become better people.

Abby Ha, WeLLPCB

Unpredictable Loss

The meaning of Charlotte’s Web is very important for adults and children alike. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, you must also begin to realize that the most extraordinary friendships can be found in the most unlikely places. It’s a valuable education of the value of friendship, as well as the unpredictability of loss.

Lauren Kleinman, The Quality Edit

Finding Loyalty

The moral of the story is loyalty and friendship. Charlotte and Wilbur are true friends, and Charlotte works relentlessly to save her friend’s life. Charlotte taught Wilbur how to make and be a friend. Charlotte’s life had purpose because she saved his life and made him happy. The children can feel the sadness and become involved in this story of friendship and love. Young children often have a challenging time understanding what makes a person a good friend. The friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur clearly demonstrates a positive, powerful, loving, and true friendship for children.

Hector Gutierrez, JOI

Death Can Be Beautiful

Charlotte went to great lengths to save Wilbur. Although the ending of her story is tragic, it is also uniquely beautiful and shows that when something dies, something new is born, and true friends are never forgotten. Life is a series of changes, and this uncertainty is the most beautiful thing in it. From sadness comes joy and vice versa.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

Beauty is Not Determined by Appearance

Charlotte might seem disgusting to many. We usually find spiders scary and gross. Charlotte’s Web shows that what is ugly on the outside is often beautiful on the inside. With her actions and good heart, she proves what true beauty is.

Magdalena Sadowska, PhotoAiD

The Importance of Connection

Sometimes, friendships can come from the most unexpected places. Furthermore, a bond between two friends can last a lifetime and beyond. Charlotte’s Web is a true classic with a strong underlying theme about the importance of connection.

Stephanie Venn-Watson, fatty15

Love of Friendship & Choosing True Friends

The reader first notices this trend in Wilbur’s life with Fern, and subsequently with Charlotte. Fern saves Wilbur’s life, and the two instantly become friends. Wilbur then follows Fern about and engages in playful interactions with her, bringing joy and meaning to his existence. He is bored and dissatisfied with life when he moves to the barn until he meets a new companion. When he meets Charlotte, he gets a new sense of optimism. Friendship is emphasized as a source of hope in this way.

Mohaiminul Sharif, Mohaiminul

Serving Others

When Wilbur is planning to be slaughtered by the farmer, it is Charlotte who stands up for him by trying to persuade the farmer by writing on the web she had set up. This shows concern for other suffering and helps instill in children and adults the need to be empathetic and speak out for those that may be facing an injustice.

Moreover, the classic story is also a narrative about friendship and how to build lasting friendships that give one the confidence that they have a loyal friend till the end. Both adults and children can learn about what it takes to make solid lifelong friendships based on mutual respect, love, and loyalty.

Ryan Yount, Luckluckgo

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