What Are the Best Books for Home Decor?

What Are the Best Books for Home Decor?

From Michelangelo’s Complete Works to The Complete Gardener’s Guide, here are three answers to the question, “What are the best books for home decor?”

  • Michelangelo’s Complete Works
  • The Harry Potter Series
  • The Complete Gardener’s Guide

Michelangelo’s Complete Works

I keep Michelangelo’s Complete Works on display atop my coffee table. This book not only serves as a statement art piece for my living room but an engaging conversation starter as well. I can’t tell you how many of my guests have asked about the book or even opened it to gaze upon what’s inside. As an avid artist, I also really enjoy flipping through myself.

Jae PakJae Pak
MD, Jae Pak MD Medical

The Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series are books I proudly display in my home. Not only is it a classic tale of magic and adventure, but it’s also a great conversation starter.

The spines of the books look great on my bookshelf and always draw visitors’ eyes. Plus, the fantasy world of Harry Potter is a great way to inspire creativity and conversation in my home. I have all the books in the series, and they look beautiful when they’re all lined up together on my shelf.

It’s an entertaining way to decorate my home and also start conversations with guests about the story and characters. Harry Potter is an amazing way to add style and personality to my home that never fails to spark a conversation.

Shaun ConnellShaun Connell
CEO and Founder, Learn Financial Strategy

The Complete Gardener’s Guide

My brother gave me a copy of The Complete Gardener’s Guide: The One-Stop Guide to Plan, Sow, Plant, and Grow Your Garden for Christmas. I love displaying it on the counter in my kitchen.

The hardcover book is hefty enough to stand upright and looks lovely as a touch of added home décor. I love the clean cover with gardening motifs staring back at me while I work on new creative content for my gardening blog. This book is full of inspiration and helpful knowledge for all experience levels.

Kate Van DruffKate Van Druff
Owner and Content Creator, Bunny’s Garden LLC

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