where can I donate kids books

Where can I donate kids books?

What’s the best place to donate kids books?

From locating your nearest school to starting a neighborhood book box, here are six answers to the question, “Where are the best places to donate kids books?”

  • Schools
  • Local, Non-Profit, Thrift Shops
  • A Sharing Library Outside Your Home
  • A Children’s Orphanage
  • Local Churches
  • Neighborhood Book Boxes


Donating children’s books to elementary schools is a worthwhile endeavor. Even if the books you have to donate are not read in particular classes, children can still read these books in the library during their free time. Furthermore, not all schools have a lot of funding available for books, and in this case, donations would be very much appreciated.

Maegan Griffin , Founder, CEO, & Nurse Practitioner, Skin Pharm

Local, Non-Profit, Thrift Shops

One place that is perfect for donating is local thrift stores, especially ones that are non-profit businesses. For instance, AmVETS thrift stores are dedicated to helping Veterans through the proceeds of the business, as well as donations through rounding up one’s change on a purchase or hiring vets as employees. As this thrift store moves a variety of products quickly, children’s books are outstanding to help stock shelves.

Gigi Ji , Head of Brand & Business Development, KOKOLU

A Sharing Library Outside Your Home

If you have a house, you can buy a little free library stand and post it in your front yard. Put the books inside, and add some signage to encourage others to swap their used books for the ones in the case.

Just be sure to check on the local regulations in your area, as some areas may not allow you to put these sharing kiosks on your property. But if you can do it, it’s a great way to contribute to your local neighborhood.

In addition, it can serve as a conversation starter, to bring parents together in your area. It’s a great way to make friends, share ideas, and collaborate on providing a great environment with fun and educational books for kids.

Dennis Consorte , Digital Marketing & Leadership Consultant, Snackable Solutions

A Children’s Orphanage

Building children’s imagination is an act of pure intentions. Kids in an orphanage are disadvantaged in getting books to boost their imaginations. Collecting used books and offering them to charity foundations helps kids get little free colorful books for their literacy growth. The children’s orphanages are ideal for book donations, since they are mainly inhabited by kids who lack the complete care and provision of a family for one reason or the other.

Yongming Song , CEO, Live Poll for Slides

Local Churches

Most kids are going to church these days. It’s a great place to donate books and find new homes for them. Many times, the children will read them to their parents or donate them to their homes to give to other younger family members. Churches are some of the best places to donate books.

Luciano Colos , Founder & CEO, PitchGrade

Neighborhood Book Boxes

One of the best places to donate children’s books is your neighborhood book box. Also called “little libraries,” these free book boxes have been popping up all over America as a free source of reading for your local community. Simply Google your neighborhood and the words “book box” or “little library” and chances are good one will be nearby. You may even find some new ones there to https://smartbooksforsmartkids.com/where-can-i-donate-kids-books the ones you are donating.

Annu Daniel , CEO, Elohim Company

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