8 Books That Shouldn't Have Been Movies

8 Books That Shouldn’t Have Been Movies

What is one kids book that should have never been made into a movie and why?

To help you identify kids books that shouldn’t have been movies, we asked publishers and avid readers this question for their best picks. From The Moomins to Peter Rabbit to The Jungle Book, there are several books for kids that are selected as ones that shouldn’t have been made into movies.

Here are 8 books that shouldn’t have been movies:

  • The Moomins
  • Horton Hears Who 
  • Stuart Little
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Harry Potter
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Artemis Fowl 
  • The Jungle Book

The Moomins

The Moomins are book series that tell stories about the hippo-looking-like family of trolls. Characters are fictional, and they live in an imaginary world – Moominvalley. Books are valued for their warm vibe and simple but wise narratives, so they are definitely worth reading at any age. However, Moomins shouldn’t ever become a movie. Reading those stories fires the imagination because nothing looks there like in the real world. Watching it as a movie doesn’t allow you to fully experience this rich world because you have imposed how it should look.

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Horton Hears Who 

The book is a beautiful story about Horton, a pretty big elephant who swears he hears tiny voices calling for help on the pollen of a flower. Unfortunately, no one believes him. Horton decides to come to the rescue on his own, and we follow his adventure. Sadly, the screen adaptation definitely ruins this beautiful story with the reader’s imagination instead of formulating beautiful images – getting mediocre pictures. The whole story is also highly simplified, so it is definitely better to go for the book.

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Stuart Little

A child of about three inches in height was the subject of E. B. White’s original artwork. However, Michael J. Fox voiced a computerized version of a talking mouse in the film version. Even the book’s initial meaning was lost in the muddle created by the book’s creators.

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Alice in Wonderland

The movie earned negative reviews when it first came out. There was no storyline at all. The characters lacked depth and were forgettable. Disney disliked it personally. The issue with Alice in Wonderland as a source is that it offers so much information yet serves such a little function. Any effort to faithfully recreate the original work would result in an overabundance of characters and a complete lack of plot. There is absolutely no plot in the book. It’s a childish fantasy, and that’s the whole purpose.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter should have never been made into a movie because it has some violent characters. Research shows that movies have more impact on kids than books. Reading can make people imagine, improve literacy, and release stress, but movies can visualize their imagination by adding visuals and sounds that increase anxiety.

Moreover, kids have no option to close the movie like books or skip a scary sequence; rather, they relate to it.

Many studies have concluded that Harry Potter movies changed the attitude of children by encouraging aggression, expecting magical solutions, and fantasizing about everything which caused many problems for parents. Similarly, Harry Potter has many series that can addict kids as time passes and encourage them to spend more time watching it.

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Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is a classic book, and they started making its film in 2018. They did an excellent job in how they described the characters. One thing they however, did not do well is how they made the movie long, with them having to add some parts to make it be of a standard movie length. They also had to add too many music scenes, which makes the movie kind of boring to watch. The book is straight to the point, making it fun to read.

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Artemis Fowl 

This book depicts a 12-year-old Artemis Fowl, who is a genius at his age but has a predominant evil trait because of his troubling history. The boy descends from a lineage of criminal minds, a feature that eventually shows up at this tender age when he starts kidnapping fairies. In the entire series, the boy goes on a rampage of kidnappings and demands a ransom to rebuild his family’s fortunes. Rather than inspiring honesty and hard work among kids, the book purports that it is ethical to get away with crime. The book should never have been made into a movie because it is misleading.

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The Jungle Book 

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling is a thrilling short story about a young Indian boy called Mowgli who is raised by wild animals. Kipling makes use of vivid description and imagery in most of his stories and this book was not different. The aim was to make sure the reader can make use of their imagination to create mental pictures of all the characters. 

By creating movies from such a masterpiece, they deny kids the thrill of reading, learning and engaging their imaginative and creative side. Reading such a book also develops a kid’s focus, memory and communication skills.

Such attributes cannot be developed by watching movie adaptations. I have been able to see most of the movie adaptations of the jungle book and none have impressed me as much as the book. Most of the movies are written and directed in accordance with the directors’ understanding of the books. Kipling’s messages of respect, obedience, laws of the jungle are never well-depicted in the movies.

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