Are Books Good Gifts for Babies? 6 Gift Giver Opinions

Are Books Good Gifts for Babies? 6 Gift Giver Opinions

Is a book a good gift for babies? Why or why not?

To help you appreciate books as gifts for babies, we asked gift givers this question for their best opinions. From books creating bonding with parents to book gifts helping babies develop interest in reading later, there are several convincing opinions put forward in favor of offering books as gifts to babies.

Here are six gift-giver opinions about book gifts for babies:

  • Books Create Bonding With Parents
  • Books Promote Literacy
  • Books Foster Potential for Mental Development
  • Books Helps Baby Discover New Things
  • Reading To Babies Contribute To Early Language Development
  • Book Gifts Help Baby Develop Interest in Reading Later

Are Books Good Gifts for Babies? 6 Gift Giver Opinions

Books Create Bonding With Parents

A book can be a good gift for babies because it can open up a bonding opportunity for parents to read to their babies. It is essential for these moments to occur as they can significantly affect the emotional health of children as they get older. Even if babies cannot understand what is being read to them, they will feel the closeness to their parents from this activity.

Drew Sherman, RPM

Books Promote Literacy 

Books are great gifts for babies. Promoting literacy is always a good idea rooted in hope and optimism for the future. Even if a parent doesn’t read to their children, familiarity with books is useful to acquaint a baby with books ahead of school-age childhood. 

Regardless of whether the book is ever read or even survives the chaotic interaction of a toddler, understanding the physical book structure will help develop and socialize a baby for its future.

dan potter, CRAFTD

Books Foster Potential for Mental Development 

Regardless of whether books are good gifts for babies, they are great gifts for a young family.

Reading to a baby is a huge positive influence on mental development and socialization.

If the book manages to survive the tumultuous years of toddler-hood, it can become a special keepsake to remind the child and family of its earliest moments together. If nothing else, a book is a reminder to new parents that simply putting a screen in front of a young mind is not the final answer to parenting.

New Melchizedec S, Expertrec

Books Helps Baby Discover New Things

Yes! Books are still an excellent gift for babies, as you can choose the book you want the baby to learn. Whether it is fiction or an educational book, it also helps the baby to discover new things. I would say go for hardcover books as they tend to stand the test of time based on experience.

Chad Rubin, Profasee

Reading To Babies Contribute To Early Language Development

A book is one of the best gifts you can give a baby. Studies have shown that even while in the womb, babies benefit from the sound of their parents’ voices reading stories to them. Infants benefit greatly from the relationship and engagement that takes place when a parent or caregiver reads to them. It can contribute greatly to their early language development. It also establishes intimacy, and works as a source of great mental stimulation and comfort. There really is no better gift for a baby.

David Culpepper, LifeMD

Book Gifts Help Baby Develop Interest in Reading Later

Yes, a book is a good gift for babies. A book is a gift that keeps on giving even many years after the baby has grown. Books can be read throughout childhood or even longer, unlike toys and outfits. Books keep exciting the babies as they grow and keep them engaged.

The long-term effect is that a book gift will develop the babies’ interest in reading and academics later. Even more, a book may be of benefit not only to the baby but to the entire family and the younger siblings later.

It provides an early foundation for early literacy, giving a strong foundation to the love of reading on different topics. It also breaks the monotony from the traditional gifts of outfits and toys.

Leah Wanjiku Gathoni, NearbyMovers

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