Juggling Act: How Do You Balance Work and Parenthood?

Juggling Act: How Do You Balance Work and Parenthood?

Juggling Act: How Do You Balance Work and Parenthood?

Struggling to balance work and parenting? We’ve gathered four insightful tips from professionals, including a Family and Consumer Sciences Educator and a co-founder, to help you navigate this challenge. From setting clear work-family boundaries to utilizing childcare-friendly co-working spaces, discover how these experts manage the demands of work and caring for their child.

  • Set Clear Work-Family Boundaries
  • Establish a Flexible Routine
  • Dedicate Uninterrupted Time for Each Role
  • Utilize Childcare-Friendly Co-Working Spaces

Set Clear Work-Family Boundaries

Finding the balance between work and parenting can be a challenge! Setting clear boundaries with your place of work is a great first step. Make sure they know when you are available and when you are designating “family time.”

This can also mean putting your phone away and not having any distractions at home. Giving your kids that direct attention allows you to enjoy the time you do have with them and make that time count!

Erin Ruggiero
Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, The Ohio State University Extension

Establish a Flexible Routine

Having a flexible routine has helped me find a good balance as a new parent who has to balance work and child care. Routines provide a sense of order and allow for the unpredictable nature of parenting. I plan my work chores around my child’s schedule, getting the most done when they are sleeping or playing on their own. Prioritizing tasks in order of importance and setting achievable goals help people manage their time well.

Openly discussing my situation with my coworkers and bosses helps them understand and assist me. Using technology to work from home and hold virtual meetings provides more freedom. By recognizing that some days may be more about parenting or work, a flexible schedule ensures that both receive the care they need, which helps work and family life blend together well.

Matthew  AppletonMatthew Appleton
E-Commerce Manager, Appleton Sweets

Dedicate Uninterrupted Time for Each Role

The most important thing to do when balancing work-life and caring for a new child is to have some time dedicated solely to one or the other.

When you are caring for your child, you need to spend a good portion of the time entirely switched off from work. Similarly, when working, you need a certain amount of time with zero childcare responsibility, allowing you to detach and focus.

Particularly for those of us who work from home, the lines often become blurred, and the demarcation is uncertain. This acts as a stress multiplier, making both work and childcare more stressful than either activity on their own. It is therefore imperative that you can switch from one mode to the other, and avoid falling into the trap of attempting both activities at once.

Chloe YarwoodChloe Yarwood
HR Manager, Test Partnership

Utilize Childcare-Friendly Co-Working Spaces

One effective, but often overlooked, tip for new parents is to explore co-working spaces that offer childcare facilities. These spaces provide a professional working environment while ensuring the child is supervised nearby. Co-working spaces often have dedicated areas or partnerships with childcare services, making it convenient for parents to balance work and childcare.

This option allows parents to focus on their work without compromising their child’s care. For example, a new parent could rent a workspace in a co-working space that offers on-site childcare. They can work on their tasks or attend meetings, knowing their child is in a safe and supervised environment nearby.

This arrangement combines convenience, professional ambiance, and peace of mind for new parents, helping them balance work and caring for their child.

Roy LauRoy Lau
Co-Founder, 28 Mortgage

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